Wholesale Joblot Box Of Pet Dog Grooming Products Resale Goods Over 500 worth!

Wholesale Joblot Box Of Pet Dog Grooming Products Resale Goods Over 500 worth!

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Wholesale Joblot!

Dog / Cat / Pet Grooming Products!

All items in this listing are brand new items, all branded products from well known brands! such as Trixie, Rosewoods

All brand new with lables or tags & in packaging!

Starting price is 99p with no reserve! Once its gone, its gone!!!!

503.23 worth of retail stock!!
Ideal for pet shop owners, online sellers ebay, amazon etc. market traders & car booters

Any questions! feel free to contact us!

Good luck ūüôā & Happy bidding!

Description of goods along with R.R.P & Line Value!


11 x Trixie Grooming Glove – R.R.P 3.99each


3 x Trixie Soft Dog Brush R.R.P 3.99 Each


1 x Double Sided Brush by Trixie R.R.P 5.99each


5 x Trixie Fur Detangle Comb / Brush R.R.P7.99 each


12 x Trixie Flea & Dust Comb R.R.P 6.99 each


9 x Rosewood Large Slicker Brush R.R.P 8.99each


4 x Rosewood Small Slicker Brush R.R.P 6.99each


1 x Rosewood Car Brush R.R.P 4.99each


4 x Moult Stoppa Brush (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large & 1 cat) combined R.R.P71.96


6 x Rosewood Grooming Scissors  07106 R.RP 6.99 each


4 x Rosewood Grooming Scissors 07104 R.R.P 6.99 each


2 x Dematting Comb Rosewoods 07508 – R.R.P 5.99each


2 x 9cm Plastic Dog Comb flea R.R.P 1.99each


3 x 14cm Plastic Dog Comb Flea R.R.P 2.49each


1 x Tick Remover by Trixie R.R.P 2.49 each
8 x Face & Claw scissors for Pets by Trixie R.R.P 3.99 each
1 x Wooden Rake Comb R.RP 3.99each


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