Why Enter Awards?

There are some businesses owners that would see an award entry as an inconvenient chore that they could do without. Then, there are those business owners that understand why even reaching the finalist stage is worth the effort as it can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

When you look at your business from an outside perspective you gain valuable information on just how your business is performing, and are then able to make changes for the better without too much effort. Completing an entry form forces you to be honest with the way your business is currently running, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be achieving more?

Since we launched the KIT Awards in 2012 we have seen previous finalists go on to achieve some amazing results, as well as expand their business network by building relationships with people they have come in to contact with at the events.

Being nominated for an awards means that someone has taken the time to publicly declare that they think you deserve it. That’s fantastic customer feedback! Being involved in the whole process is a great way to obtain some free publicity, to shout out that your business is going from strength to strength. Who wouldn’t want to benefit from free publicity?

If you are unsure what all this is about then why not join us on 17th June at Christi’s in Maidstone. Meet previous winners and mingle with other proactive business owners in Kent…

You can book directly HERE – doors open at 6pm

KITA 2015 – Headline Sponsor FSB Kent and Medway

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