What type of Business Owner are YOU?

Owning your own business can literally equate to ‘living your dream’ but it can also be a drain on your emotional, financial and personal resources. Not everyone is cut out to make a success of it. Harsh? Possibly, but judging by the number of businesses that don’t succeed past the 3-5 year mark is an indication that there is something going wrong.

You are unlikely to set up a business with the intention of it failing, that would be ‘bonkers’ so is it the business idea that fails or the person in charge?

Over the last year we have been fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the most inspirational business owners across Kent. People who are driven forward by the desire to succeed, who are prepared to work hard and who don’t lose sight of their vision. BUT, we have also witness business owners who lack the core skills to see their dreams through to reality. What they may not realise is that the skills they need to learn or adopt are there for the taking.

There is no point waiting for things to happen, you can MAKE things happen! Answer these questions honestly, you don’t have to discuss your answers with anyone;

  • Do you spend time being busy being busy?
  • What is stopping you from taking the next step? Cash flow? Knowledge? Resources? YOU?
  • What one thing would turn your business around overnight?
  • Do you have a business or is it a hobby you are hoping to make some money out of?
  • Do you have the fire in your belly when you think about your business?

These questions aren’t exhaustive, but they are a good grounding to see where you are at.

If you would like to find out more about working towards your success please email hello at kentindependenttraders.co.uk

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