The Coaching Academy – Sponsor of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award

Established in 1999, The Coaching Academy is now the world’s largest training organisation for coaching.

The Coaching Academy has developed a reputation to be proud of. Having started when coaching was a relatively new phenomenon, they now find themselves at the forefront of coach training and are chosen by more people who want to professionally train in the practical skills of coaching than any other organisation.

They have evolved, developed and adapted to ensure today’s coaches, whether Life / Personal Performance, Corporate, Small Business, Youth Coaches or NLP Practitioners, have the necessary tools, techniques and strategies required to achieve success.

Whether you would like to become a full time coach, a part time coach or acquire coaching skills to enhance the job you currently do, there is no better place to learn, develop and grow.

The team of trainers are handpicked from the UK’s finest coaches, all offering a wealth of knowledge and a passion and enthusiasm for our students that is second to none.

For your free insight into coaching, visit the website for further details on their free 2 day introduction to coaching course –


“Through coaching it is our mission to make a positive and lasting difference to every individual and organisation we work with” – Bev James, CEO of The Coaching Academy