People Buy from People FIRST

In a world where technology is surging forward in leaps and bounds it is easy to get bogged down to trying to keep up with the latest ‘trends’. When was the first time you heard about twitter? Did you rush to create an account or were you one of the masses who said, “It’s not for me, I just don’t get it”?

How much time do you spend doing what you “just don’t get”, taking precious time away from doing what you ‘do get’, playing to your strengths? When you set up your own business, YOU are the face of it, (as well as all the other roles you have to play, or learn how to play) it’s all about YOU.

Try and put yourself in your customer’s shoes? Would YOU buy from YOU? It’s a simple questions, but it’s one that often gets overlooked. Here are some tips or pointers we received when talking to business owners in Kent;

  • Don’t lie – it’s hard to remember what you said to people
  • Be yourself
  • Listen to your customers
  • Be silent – don’t talk yourself out of a sale
  • Build rapport
  • Keep good records
  • Keep in touch with past customers
  • Get out there, be proud of your business
  • Concentrate on what you are good at, learn or outsource the rest
  • Follow up on meetings

There are other tips and we would love to hear from you if you would like to add any?