‘Do it! or Ditch it’ – Bev James

 ‘Do it! or Ditch it – Bev James‘ is a must read for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business development.

“Every successful achievement in life begins with a positive thought and a conscious decision”

Entrepreneur and businesswoman Bev James uses coaching and profiling principles to inspire people to be single-minded, learn how to plan, prioritise, delegate and take action to get things done and get them done well in work and in life.

To be successful you must have a passion for action and belief in your idea. You must recognise the right opportunity and take appropriate action to ensure follow through and drive the project to completion. But how do you decide which idea to run with and which action should become your top priority?
In eight simple steps, Bev’s down-to-earth Do It or Ditch It approach teaches you how to make clear decisions from the outset so that at every step along the way, you will be more likely to succeed. Click on the book image to find out more…….

About the Author
Bev James is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is the founder, with James Caan of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy as well as MD and Head of Training of The Coaching Academy: The world’s largest coach training organisation. Bev is a regular monthly columnist for Start Your Business Magazine; she is a fortnightly regular columnist for StartupTV, an interactive digital magazine and she us a monthly columnist for business magazine The Market, which launched in October 2010. Bev has also written for TJ (Training Journal) CEO Magazine and Fresh Business Thinking.