2013 Mentoring/Coaching Programme

Has your business been entered in to the 2013 Kent Independent Trader Awards? in the Start-Up Category? Or has your business been entered and it is less than 18 months old?

As a part of this year’s entry process, every business that falls in to the above will have the opportunity to enter in to a six months coaching and mentoring scheme free of charge. This has been made possible thanks to the experienced coaches/mentors and business owners offering their time and knowledge to help grow Kent Businesses. Entrants are not obligated to take part but it would dramatically benefit their own business and personal development growth to take advantage of it.

How does it work?

  • Each entrant will need to confirm they wish to participate.
  • A pre-scheme assessment will take place, ensuring you are assigned a suitable coach/mentor
  • Over the course of six months you will have 6 sessions with your coach/mentor
  • You will also be invited to attend three live workshops that will further enhance your skills.
  • Email access throughout the month in between live sessions

There is no cost to participate in this scheme but you must;

  • Have entered KITA 2013 in the Start-Up Category or another category but your business must be less than 18 months old on 16th August 2013
  • Be prepared to commit to the six months programme – it’s in your benefit

If you have any questions please call 01622 370929

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