10 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

Independent Businesses often have a huge role within communities, supporting them can not only make a difference to the lives of local business owners, but also the economic growth as a whole. It makes complete sense when you think about it, the more you support the businesses local to you the more likely they are to continue not only to survive, but GROW.

Here are our top ten reasons to support independent businesses;

  1. Money spent in local businesses tends to then be re-spent or recycled in the same area. You spending with one local business actually has positive knock on effect for the local community.
  2. The more successful a business becomes, the more likely they are to employ local peop.le!
  3. Help those emptying high streets! Local, independent retailers add charm and character to a village, town or city. If they are forced out…what will the scene look like then?
  4. The more vibrant a local business community is the more ‘influence’ they will have as a collective for things that really matter in the area. Their voice will be heard!
  5. You may discover some hidden treasures! Independent retailers often stock items that the larger chains wouldn’t, they have a freedom to choose their products and often match them directly with the needs of the community.
  6. Engaging local service providers such as web designers, printers, insurance reps and so on, offers you the personal  experience. There is a certain amount of charm that in a busy, chaotic world we still like the fact-to-face approach. You can speak to a real person, you can even meet them!
  7. Customer service will be based locally, no battling through call centres where the employees work to a different time zone and don’t have an understanding as to YOU the customer
  8. The chances are you will deal with the business owner directly, they are passionate about what they do. They set up in business to succeed, their heart is in the business. They aren’t clock watching to get out the door at the end of the day!
  9. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are at the heart of the country’s over all economic growth. At the beginning of 2013 it is estimated that small businesses were responsible for employing over 50% of the Private Sector Employment total. Small businesses will continue to be innovative and create further jobs.
  10. It’s easier to get something done with a small business. There isn’t a huge chain of people to go through before  decision can be made. Small businesses have the power of ownership!

We LOVE the Independents, and with The Kent Independent Trader Awards now in its 3rd year we are proud to say, so do YOU!

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